Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 3, 2014 J Baker would be 108

Light the candles and let's celebrate! ms. baker would be 108!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Bakerbrella is Finally Here!

Our long awaited product has arrived! A beautiful umbrella with images of Josephine Baker in her most iconic poses. This product is both fashionable and functional! Get yours today. go to BakerByShawn on Etsy to purchase!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Timeless Fashion

New York Fashion week ended after a beautiful showing of the Spring 2014 fashion lines. However with the weather begining to change, it is the Fall fashion that is mostly on minds. I am always inspired by Josephine who was a fashion icon for many decades. So when I see certain "new" trends I always recognize that fashion is timeless.
Here are a few of my favorite Fall trends: Scene in green: Green is one of my favorite colors and one of the hot trends for 2013, Dior is a label that Josephine Baker wore often. This season Dior's jade green silk organza ensemble from Paris reminds me of Josephine in a beautiful gree strapless number complete with long gloves. Another inspiring look this season is Armani's moss green velvet dress. It is made fresh with the addition of a colorful belt, this addition makes it casual yet still classy when the evening gloves were added to the look. More than a few designers are pairing their ensembles with this ladylike accessory. Red hot lips and Lace: Another favorite designer of Josephine's was the house of Shiaparelli. Baker actually met Elsa Schiparelli in the 1920's and was given dozens of her designs to wear. Now revived by Christian Lacroix, a beautiful collection was featured in Vogue magazine. The models featured wore wavy hairstyles reminiscent of the way LaBakair wore her hair and their look was accented with dark lipstick - for the "romantic and mysterious woman." This reminded me of a story about how Baker considered having her lips tatood in her favorite shade of red. Hmmm...truth or fable? We may never know. However, in the winter of 1947 when Dior debuted a crimson colored lipstick, Josephine most likely wore it. This year Dior relaunches a shade of red simply called #999. I don't doubt that Josephine would love it too. This season's black and white trend would also look great with this hot color. Pearls (which Baker wore layers and layers of)and lace are a lovely look as well. Today the trend for lace is not only the typical black, but also crimson. Reflecting further on the black and white color trend, I spotted a great look by Balmain with white silk pants and an angora blend jacket. Balmain was another designer that Baker was also known to wear. Note, that you CAN wear white afer Labor Day. One of Josephine's mantras was to match her encembles all the way down to her shoes. But if you are not a fan of matching everything then you may love this season's rustic & retro patterns and geometric prints. Whatever your style, wear it the way Josephine did - with confidence!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Josephine Baker Spoke at the March on Washington

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the historic March on Washington. Of course,  Martin Luther King, Jr. was most memorable.  However it should be noted that women played a role as well.  One such woman was Josephine Baker who delivered a moving speech.  Today as we look forward and also take a look back, BBS has has created a beautiful poster to commemorate this moment in history.
Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming events and info on how to get your own copy of this beautiful poster!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 28, 2013 - The 50 year Anniversary of the March on Washington

Living in DC I have a unique opportunity to present a myriad of things that I experienced for this historic event.  I will do so, but for now, I must rest.  Rest in knowing that BBS fulfilled her mission of promoting the legacy of Josephine Baker on this day. And back in 1963 women did have a role the March, they were on the program and one woman spoke.   It was Josephine Baker! More details to come. Safe travels to all .

Friday, August 23, 2013

Arriving in DC for the 50th Anniversary March on Washington

Hello, on a Friday nite in DC.  To those who are already here, welcome!  A clear and beautiful night it's 63 degrees.  There's  an air of Peace Unity and an air of Hope as we prepare to remember the Dream!

Friday, May 3, 2013

BBS Rocked the Runway!

     News Flash!  First time ever!  BBS had her debut showing of products this past April featuring the beautiful Bakerbrellas!  Though the product is still not available for purchase, it is hoped that the runway show will boost interest and promote it and the entire collection.

On April 18th in Howard University’s Cramton Auditorium for the Springfest Fashion Show titled “Glam Odyssey” BBS paid homage to legendary icon Josephine Baker with
the premier collection.

 The looks were very girly and flirty, both nostalgic and new.  Accessories always make any outfit pop and the first model to hit the runway wore a BBS logo T-shirt paired with skinny jeans and Prada styled sunshades.  The sunglasses bear a similar curly swirly design  that is used in the BBS logo and that also symoblizes the way Baker wore her hair.  Another model strutted down the runway in a flapper styled skirt and a cropped Burberry jacket that was created with designer Luqman Salim.  The model shimmied and twirled and popped open the bright yellow Bakerbrella with iconic images of Baker. She would have made LaBakaire or any flapper back in the day proud! 
Still yet another beauty sauntered down the stage with a white with pink and green parasol styled Bakerbrella .  Her a-line dress was accentuated with pearls, lace gloves, and peep toe ankle strapped shoes - very Parisian, very Josephine -ish.  A red and white Bakerbrella (hello Deltas) and the BBS Dance t-shirt was paired with a crinoline styled skirt for a dance hall meets diva look. And though, each and every look is not described here,whether wearing leather, lace pearls, afro’s or curls, skinny jeans and baby t's, this BBS debut show had something to please and tease the crowd!
BBS Porotype t-shirt hits the runway with a flirty leather skirt

Red and White Parasol Bakerbrella- Hello Deltas!
Coming and going, the Bakerbrella gets you there in style!
Shimmy and shake! You'll still look gorgeous even in the rain!